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P11. Yatsenko Anna, a journalist of the “Argumenty and Facty”. I want to discuss another great problem – water pollution.  It affects everyone every day. It is caused by dumping wastes into rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. More than 20 years ago a pulp- and –paper factory was built on the shore of Lake Baikal. As a result, because of the water pollution, more than 50% of the world’s purest water has been ruined. The whole ecological system of the lake has changed greatly. Some organisms that can be found only in Baikal are disappearing. More than 30 years ago Aral was a bright blue sea with a lot of fish. The rivers Amudarya and Syrdarya supplied it with water. But than the water of the rivers was diverted to cotton plantations. If no immediate are taken, the Aral Sea will disappear by the year 2010. About 60 people died in Japan because they have eaten polluted fish. It is impossible to eat fish from many Swedish lakes.

P12.Abramova Kristina, a journalist of the “Rossiiskaya Gazeta”. I’d like to add something. The problem of soil pollution has grown. Soil is our most important natural resource: without soil plant life couldn’t exist. Every day people throw away  amazing amounts of garbage and trash. Garbage trucks take the garbage to the dumps. Sometimes the trash is burned, causing air pollution. Farmers are also responsible for soil pollution because they often spray chemicals on crops to protect them against pests. The pesticides often end up in our food and they may have some poisonous effect upon the people’s health. I want to know the opinion of the Minister of agriculture on this problem.

P13. (Министр сельского хозяйства) This problem is very important for us. And we have already taken some steps. We have organized the Nature Using Committee which is helping farmers find ways to protect crops without using many pesticides. I think that our task is to build enterprises on the utilization of garbage as many as possible. And we have already started some recycling projects.

P14. Derzhavina Lubov, a journalist of the “GEO”. Another great problem that faces the humankind is that by the year 2030 25% of all animals birds, fish and insects may be extinct. Every year man cuts down more and more trees. Every year the earth loses 20 million acres of rain forests. Every rain-forest contains millions of animals, insects and flowers that may disappear forever. Animals that most in danger are: Pandas, Black rhinos, tigers, chimpanzees, elephants. керамогранит для ванной под натуральный камень.

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