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Comrades, today we have our conclusion lesson on the topic “The Earth  is our home”. We shall try to discuss many important problems connected with our topic. For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment.  Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried about what is happening because the poor state of the environment today is connected with humankind’s efforts to make their lives more comfortable and more satisfying! Technological, social and economic changes can have devastating effects on the environment. So, scientists, writers, workers put the ecological problems sharply in mass media. We can’t stand aside either. Our journalists made close study of the state of ecology in different places of the planet. They have been invited to our imaginary press-conference and we would like to introduce you our guests: The Minister of  Railway Transport, The Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Nuclear  Energy, the Minister of Mechanical Engineering. The real ministers are very far, so we ask our pupils to act these roles. Please, K., S. take place here. Well, let’s discuss where the pollution comes from.

P1. ( Высказываясь, ученик использует плакат). Anna Romanenko, a journalist of the newspaper “Moscow News”: We know that without air of good quality there cannot be a healthy life. Air pollution is an old problem. The air is being polluted by acid gases, dust, petrol and diesel fumes and poisonous chemicals. These come from cars, factories and power plants. Air pollution causes acute changes in lung function, respiratory illnesses, heart decease and aggravation of asthma and bronchitis. Big cities have a great problem with air pollution: the “Killer Smog” caused about 4,000 deaths in London in 1952. For 5 days the capital of England was enveloped in grey shroud. In Cairo just breathing the air is life threatening - equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. The same situation in Mexico City, Jakarta and 600 cities of the former Soviet Union. I’d like to ask a question to the Minister of Engineering. Are any measures taken to reduce air pollution?

P2. (Министр машиностроения): First of all I think our government must make strict laws, because in a few years our ecological system can be completely destroyed. Something has already been done. Many of our factories and plants have good modern filters and pollution monitoring systems that lower the level of pollution to a minimum. Special kinds of gasoline for cars can help to reduce air pollution. We also can remove from the cities all ecologically harmful plants and factories and we should build new roads to prevent traffic jams.

With, you can scratch bookkeeping off your to-do list --permanently.

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